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12 days of corporate jargon – the solutions

Here are all the answers from our 2017 Christmas card.  Turns out a lot of people found it harder than we were expecting!  There are actually more than twenty four answers hidden here, and several have more than one possible interpretation, but well done if you got anywhere near the full 24.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of the solutions.

Also thanks for the lovely feedback from those who took part – we’ll maybe do a poll next Christmas to see which jargon you want us to visualise.  You can still download the original image here.

  1. Content is king
  2. Takeaway from the meeting
  3. Spinning plates
  4. 360-degree feedback
  5. A lot on his plate
  6. Low hanging fruit
  7. Line of sight
  8. Cooking on gas
  9. Bandwidth
  10. Putting it on the back burner
  11. Turkey voting for Christmas
  12. Thought shower
  13. Leveraging synergies
  14. Ducks in a row
  15. Thinking outside the box
  16. Putting the plan on the backburner
  17. Ideate
  18. Stretch target
  19. Singing from the same hymnsheet
  20. Silos
  21. One off
  22. Unpacking thoughts
  23. Touch base
  24. Putting it on the radar

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